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Travel Planning


Personalized itinerary for your visit

Planning a trip to London but don’t know where to start? Worried about restrictions and new rules in a post-COVID world? Don’t have time to arrange an itinerary? Get in touch and let me help you organise the perfect London trip!
London is a very big city that can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. My insights and years of experience advising travellers will help you truly enjoy the city, save money and reach places only Londoners know about, keeping away from tourist traps.

My recommendations include:

  • Right areas to stay according to lifestyle and type of visit
  • Self-guided itineraries with highlights of each area
  • The best cafés, restaurants, food markets, cocktail bars and rooftop terraces to enjoy unforgettable culinary experiences
  • Where to go shopping according to budget and preferences
  • What to see and do – and what to avoid (attractions, museums, historic buildings, etc.)
  • Tips to move around and different types of transportation

After a brief call/video call, I will design a personalised itinerary based on your interests, schedule and budget to help you make the most of your visit.

Questions? Get in touch!