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Tate Modern Gallery: Highlights and Gems

Discover the wonders of the Tate

Quick Details

Discover the wonders of the Tate Modern Gallery

Join this private tour and explore the history of modern art whilst we discover the gems of one of London’s most-visited art galleries and enjoy panoramic views of the city from a private room.

An interesting walk through one of London’s art wonderlands!

  • Admire works by famous creative minds.
  • Visit the collections’ highlights.
  • Hear curious stories of its featured artists.
  • Enjoy a drink or a cup of tea in its fabulous cafe.
  • Explore the building’s history and hidden gems.

Book this private tour and discover the best of the Tate Modern Gallery!

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£ 290

About the Tour

Discover the secrets of the Tate Modern Gallery

Book this unique tour to explore one of the most visited galleries in London, a museum of international art from 1900 to the present day, spread out over 34.000 m2!

Admire famous artworks by contemporary masters such as Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock and Marcel Duchamp and discover lesser-known pieces by national and international artists.

This walk is intended as a helpful guide to the museum’s collections whilst we share unheard stories, discover hidden gems and enjoy exclusive views of the city from a private room.

A must-do experience for anyone with an interest in modern and contemporary art!

Sample Itinerary

Turbine Hall

We uncover the history behind one of the gallery’s most distinctive features, providing the setting for some of the most spectacular annual large-scale sculpture and site-specific installation art.

Natalie Bell Building

We discover an introductory space that has been designed particularly for the first-time visitor and examines the ways in which artists have responded to developments in media and communication technology and the extraordinary range of materials and techniques used by artists over the last 120 years.

Tate Espresso Bar

We take a short break to enjoy a cup of tea and soak up the panoramic views from the museum’s terrace whilst we unlock hidden histories of the city of London.

Blavatnik Building 

We wonder around the most recent extension of the museum to visit a space with a display that changes every year, looking in depth at a single artist and we explore works that bring art closer to everyday life. At the end we discover a hidden space with live art, performances, installation and film works.

A Hidden Gem

We end the experience at a hidden gallery away from the crowds to discover lesser-known artists with a great shop for those looking for affordable art, unique books and works by local creatives.

Join us on this private tour and discover the best of the Tate Modern Gallery!